Our Body to Galaxies and Beyond
Tuesday 15th May 2018
Doors Open 18:30 | Event 19:00 - 22:30
Louis Hartlooper
Tolsteegburg 1, 3511 ZN Utrecht

Physics à la Picasso

The most important issue when solving a new analytical problem is to be able to write down a model, which has the minimum number of ingredients. During the talk of Cristiane, she will talk about how physics (and science in general) has evolved together with art and also how concepts from other disciplines (e.g. psychology) can be applied to quantum mechanics.

Cristiane de Morais 

Professor of Condensed Matter Physics

Universiteit Utrecht

Coping with early onset cancers  

When children are diagnosed life threatening disease such as cancer this is a major stressful event for all family members. Children, parents and siblings all cope differently with this. During the talk of Martha, she will talk about risk and protective factors related to psychosocial outcomes, but also about interventions in pediatric oncology to help children and family member to live with cancer during treatment, but also thereafter.


Martha Grootenhuis

Professor of Psychosocial Oncology Research

Universiteit Utrecht

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes  

As we check the weather forecast on weer.nl or buienradar.nl, we are generally interested in the weather prognosis for our locality on time scales on the order of minutes to around a week and make our plans accordingly. Let us now consider our locality in terms of our solar neighborhood: Carl will discuss the topic of Space Weather in which activity on the Sun contributes to geomagnetic storms on Earth that, among other things, can disrupt satellite and power grid operations.

Carl Shneider

Postdoc in Space Weather

Universiteit Utrecht

Facebook of biomolecules  

The social life of molecules, how they interact with each other, is the fundament of life and defines all processes in cell. When an interaction goes wrong, very often, a disease emerges and you are in trouble. Alexandre will explain how these interactions can be modelled using computers at a very high resolution. Not only this, but also a Virtual Reality device will be available for the audience to play with. Are you going to miss the opportunity of modelling your own interaction?

Alexandre Bonvin

Professor of Structural Computational Biology

Universiteit Utrecht

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