Hacking the Immune System to fight Cancer
30th January 2019
Doors Open 19:00 | Event 19:30 - 21:30
de Jonge Admiraal
Javastraat 149, 1094 HE Amsterdam


Immunotherapy is a breakthrough treatment in the fight against cancer and received the 2018 Nobel Prize. Come and learn about the battle between our immune system and tumors and ear how we can boost the immune system to kill cancer cells. And see how biomedical science is improving immunotherapy to help patients.

We invited two scientists to explain immunotherapy and share with you their exciting research over a beer !

Cracking the tumour code

In this talk, we will explore the complexity of the environment of tumors, and show how we can use non-cancerous cells to treat people.

Leila Akkari

Group Leader

Netherlands Cancer Institute

Superpowering our immune system

Our immune system uses killer T-cells to fight disease. But cancer cells fool T-cells, allowing tumors to grow. To kill cancer cells, T-cells first need to recognize them. We'll discuss how machine learning helps us understand the way that T-cells can recognize tumor cells and distinguish them from healthy cells.


Maarten Slagter

PhD Student 

Netherlands Cancer Institute

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