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Sustainable Foods

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Monday 9th May 2022
Doors Open 18:30 | Event 19:00 - 22:30
Café Checkpoint Charlie
Nassaukade 48, 1052 CM Amsterdam

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Meatable - Lab grown meat

At Meatable, we love meat and consider it a crucial part of a balanced diet. What we don't love is industrial farming, because it is bad for the planet and cruel for the animals. Thus, we are pioneering the production of real meat without harm. Note: lab meat is certainly real meat. Identical on every level without any of the drawbacks. It’s efficient, sustainable, harm-free, and most importantly, delicious. How we do it? We take a sample from an unharmed cow or pig, replicate the natural process of fat and muscle growth and mix the two elements to produce meat. Real, succulent, delicious meat

Daan Luining (@DLuining)

Founder + CTO


Why plant-based fermentation is the latest trend

“Fermentation isn’t responsible for one specific taste at Noma—it’s responsible for improving everything.” That is what the five-time World’s Best Restaurant said. From elderberry wine balsamic to yellow pea shoyu, fermentation of plant ingredients is an effective way to elevate the sensory profile and deliver the ultimate gastronomy experience. How and why is fermentation able to transform ingredients? How do bioflavour play a role in protein transition? Would you like to experience an informal sniffing test? Come and don’t miss out my talk on taste-shaping microbes!



VU Amsterdam

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Curious to know more about the future of food?

Future Foods is an academic open access journal publishing novel research on a broad range of topics contributing to the development of a sustainable food chain; such as innovative ingredients, sustainable packaging, reduction of waste in manufacturing, etc.


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