Amsterdam Team

Laura Luzia

City Coordinator

As a PhD student in systems biology I try to understand microbes by looking at them in different perspectives and exploring different approaches.. Communication is key between cellular pathways, between researchers and between academia and society. Why not to bring them together with a cold beer as well?

Soufiane Mourragui


PhD student at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and TU Delft, working at the interface between cancer biology and computer science. I am passionate about everything, especially when pints are flowing. I love science outreach! 

Beverley Fricker


Formulation Chemist, based in Amsterdam's Science Park. With so much great science happening in this city, I'm excited to bring researchers into the pub to share their work. I prefer my science metric, but I'll settle for a pint.

Giulia Zoppolat


As a Social Psychologist and PhD Candidate, I spend my days thinking about romantic love and relationships (seriously, this is my area of research). I joined Pint of Science because I believe that science (and love) is better when shared!

Sandrine Camus


Travel-addict Frenchie settled in Amsterdam (for now). From Behavioural neuroscientist to Communications officer in the zoo field, there is a single passion and curiosity for animals. What better way to raise awareness of a topic than to talk about it casually around a drink?!

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