Amsterdam Team

Laura Luzia

City Coordinator

As a PhD student in systems biology I try to understand microbes by looking at them in different perspectives and exploring different approaches.. Communication is key between cellular pathways, between researchers and between academia and society. Why not to bring them together with a cold beer as well?

Soufiane Mourragui


PhD student at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and TU Delft, working at the interface between cancer biology and computer science. I am passionate about everything, especially when pints are flowing. I love science outreach! 

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Giulia Zoppolat


As a Social Psychologist and PhD Candidate, I spend my days thinking about romantic love and relationships (seriously, this is my area of research). I joined Pint of Science because I believe that science (and love) is better when shared!

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Lucía Barbadilla


MSc student in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, who is fascinated with how genomics is changing our understanding of biological processes. Since I moved from Barcelona, Amsterdam has offered me so much that I had to give something in return. So, why not combine two of my favorite things?

Ricarda Weiland

A PhD student fascinated by Perception and Autism who is

doing her dream research about perception in autism!

And completing that dream, I get to talk science after work with a nice cold pint.

Eline van Bloois

Msc student in Biomedical Sciences with a keen interest in microbiology and immunology. Communication is essential in any situation, not only between different microbes or microbes and the immune system. I do believe that scientific knowledge should be widespread so that scientists and society can come together, identify new research questions, and find an answer. So, let’s talk about science!