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Amsterdam Team

Laura Luzia

City Coordinator

As a PhD student in systems biology I try to understand microbes by looking at them in different perspectives and exploring different approaches.. Communication is key between cellular pathways, between researchers and between academia and society. Why not to bring them together with a cold beer as well?

Isis Alonso


Neuroscience PhD student trying to disentagle brain mechanisms underlying addiction. Interested in all things science communication and making science knowledge available to everyone.

Eline van Bloois

Communication is essential in any situation, not only between different microbes or microbes and the immune system. I do believe that scientific knowledge should be widespread so that scientists and society can come together, identify new research questions, and find an answer. So, let’s talk about science!

Giorgia Tosoni.jpg
Giorgia Tosoni


PhD student in neuroscience striving to decipher the link between adult neurogenesis and Alzheimer’s disease, at single-cell level. Boosting my own neurogenesis climbing, running, cycling, and drinking beers. Why not talk science in front of a cold pint?

Mareike Berger

Currently doing my PhD in theoretical biophysics, I am fascinated by the complexity of biological systems and emerging phenomena. I love discussing science, solving puzzles and meeting new people. Let's get creative with a beer or two!

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