The science behind your drink
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Tuesday 21st May 2019
Doors Open 18:30 | Event 19:00 - 22:30
De Jonge Admiraal
Javastraat 149, 1094 HE Amsterdam
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Yeast, beer, and genomes

Humans have brewed beer for several millennia, progressively evolving into the various brewing practices and flavours that we see today. Consequently, our brewing practices directly influenced the evolution of yeast: the microbe responsible for alcohol fermentation. In this talk, I will discuss the unique genetic traits of lager-yeast (the type of yeast used in lager-beer brewing), and how recent technologies are enabling us to understand their complex evolutionary history.

Alex Salazar

PhD student

TU Delft

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Identifying microbial populations for a better brew 

Alcohol. One may say is what helped society develop, through its ability to preserve a harvest, inspire creativity and a healthier option in years gone past (although this can be disputed). However, not much was known about the microorganisms in play until recently. 

Building from my talk last year focusing on investigating metagenomics for human health (link), I will discuss the technology behind studying the microbe, and more importantly, how it helps develop a better brew.

Taichi Ochi

PhD student

University of Groningen