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Tiny plastics, big impact
Monday, 22 May 2023
Doors Open 19:30 | Event 20:00 - 22:30
Café Checkpoint Charlie

Nassaukade 48, 1052 CM Amsterdam

In this event, we will get to know more about (micro-)plastics and ongoing research in this area.

We will hear about first-hand experiences from working in the field and get tips on how we all can contribute to a more sustainable future.


Microplastic spread in the future: 70% reduction is possible

Do you believe that small things cannot have a big impact? Well, at least regarding plastics you might want to reconsider. Tiny pieces of plastics, also called microplastics, have been found in places where one would not expect them to be - for example in food. As there is very little known on whether and to what extent it could affect us, we opt for precaution. But what is the greatest source of microplastic? How can we measure it? And what can we, as consumers, do about it?
If you want to contribute to a more sustainable future, this is for you!

Tim Bulters

Business Developer Circular Plastics


Kopie van Maria_speaker2.jpg

During this event, I will share insights into the latest developments in the
field of nanoplastics and how they circulate in our environment. You'll get
to know what nanoplastics are and how we can make them visible even
though they are tiny. This research provides insights into challenges we
still face in managing this tiny plastic waste and troubles we encounter in
our lab work.

And what happens next? Should we fully refrain from using plastics and
why do we have to work together?

Maria Hayder

PhD Candidate

University of Amsterdam


I am tired of talking about the problem, let's talk about solutions instead!
We all know things need to change, but it is easier said than done... So during
my talk, I will share some experiences and insights on how we can all make a
difference, whether this is by handling plastic and packaging responsibly or by
promoting the use of plastic-free biomaterials - solutions are out there. If you are
an environmental enthusiast, a sustainability professional, or simply curious
about how to contribute, this event is for you! So, mark your calendars and join
us for an empowering evening of education and inspiration

Ritva Krist

Environmental Psychologist | Marketing Manager

Northern Netherlands Plastic Foundation

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