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Moving around: from persons to robots
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Monday, 22 May 2023
Doors Open 18:00 | Event 18:30 - 21:00
Belgisch Bier Café

Stratumseind 95 5611 ER Eindhoven

During this event you will learn about sustainable mobility, crowds in train stations and autonomous robots in warehouses


Mobility is changing fast. The advent of new technologies such as autonomous driving, wireless connectivity and powertrain electrification may provide us opportunities to tackle mobility challenges such as traffic and pollution. But how can we integrate these new technologies to make mobility inclusive and sustainable? How can we manage self-driving cars, public and private transit, and selfish human users all at the same time? Mauro will explain us how optimization (aka the art of making the most effective use of a situation or resource) can be used to answer these questions.

Mauro Salazar

Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering | Eindhoven University


Trains are an important form of public transport. Since train travel is steadily getting more popular, it is essential to understand how passenger behavior affects the efficiency and punctuality of trains? In this talk, Rabia will elaborate on the research they did on the process of passengers boarding and exiting trains which resulted in interesting insights.

Rabia Kodapanakkal

Postdoctoral Researcher

Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences | Eindhoven University


Starnus has started with the ambition to bring the world closer to the future where humans don’t perform any physical-intensive jobs, and intelligent robots take care of all the hard work for them. To achieve this goal, we are targeting one of the most labor-intensive industries which is also the backbone of the global economy, “The Logistics & Intralogistics Industry”. Our ambition is to offer a customized robotic solution that can be deployed fast, in any warehouse, manufacturing plant, hospital or retail store, and can carry goods from point A to B, by working alongside humans

Khashayar Mansourizadeh

CEO & Founder

Starnus Technology

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