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Innovation for daily life
Wednesday, 24 May 2023
Doors Open 18:00 | Event 18:00 - 21:00
Belgisch Bier Café

Stratumseind 95 5611 ER Eindhoven

World’s population is projected to grow over twenty percent by 2050. The growing population leads to increased pressure on the demand for high-quality protein from animal sources. Cellular agriculture offers a sustainable alternative to industrial animal agriculture. Analysis of cell-cultured meat for the assessment of safety does not only include the analysis of the end product but also requires a critical review of the entire manufacturing process. An overview of what needs to be tested, why they have to be tested, and how they can be tested will be discussed.

Yiğit Altay

Senior Scientist

Mosa Meat


Do you know more than 95% of the Netherlands populations owns a mobile phone? Technology is an essential part of daily life, but how does it all work?
At SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions, we are enthusiastic about the light and materials at the nanoscale, known as photonics. We employ a unique and proprietary lithography technology for developing optics and other nano-photonics products. Because they are everywhere… from mobile phones to solar panels or sensors. Join us to know more about nano-photonics and how we are working in the field. We can’t wait to share our passion with you!

Marc Verschuuren

Principal Scientist & Business Development Manager

SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions

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