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Eindhoven Team

Eduardo Guisasola

Co-City Coordinator

I dedicate my research to finding new nanoparticle platforms that can deliver drugs to treat diseases. Science+Beer is the best mixture. Trust me. I'm a chemist! “To beer Science: cause and solution of all (my) problems.” 

Dingding Martin

Co-City Coordinator

As a real Dutchie I love going to a bar and to combine it with science is just a huge plus for me! I joined Pint of Science to help spread this great initiative. If you like either bars or research, this event is great for you!

Marta Martinez Moro
Event Manager

Physicist by training and nanomaterials scientist by passion! After 6 years in the field of biomaterials, I changed Spain for the Netherlands, left academia to start in the industry, swapped wine for beer. Now, for one more year, we want to bring science to the bars. Will you join us?

Yiğitcan Sümbelli.JPG
Yiğitcan Sümbelli

Event Manager

When I first started to interested in tissue engineering, I couldn't find any resources that explains some interesting concepts in a non-scientific jargon. Then, I made myself a promise: I was going to try whatever I can to share my science in a way that everyone can understand. This was also the same time when I attended my first Pint of Science event in Amsterdam in 2018. Now, I find myself here, organizing one :)

Corina Ene.jpg
Corina Ene


As a biomedical engineer at the end of my MSc studies, I can easily say that science can be way easier with a good Dutch beer, trust a student!

Elena Spezzani.jpg
Elena Spezzani

As a student, I believe that nothing is too difficult to understand if someone with dedication and passion explains it to you. But even if science overheats your brain, what better way to cool it down than an ice-cold beer?

Diana 3.jpg
Diana Muñoz Lasso


From the time I was 12 years old, science has been my passion. It all started with a cake and orange wine; ever since then, it has been a driving force in my life, providing constant inspiration. Through my experiences, I have come to understand the importance of scientific communication in communities. I am thrilled at the opportunity to join a team that shares the wonders of science with the people of Eindhoven.

Alex Fusi.jpg
Alex Fusi

Communicating complex physics concepts and situations are always hard. However, a beer is always a solution that helps! Let me talk about nanoparticles and how they move.

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