Climate actions in our world


Wednesday 22nd May 2019
Deuren Open 18:30 | Event 19:00 - 22:00
Café de Keyzer
Turftorenstraat 4, 9712 BP Groningen 

Public engagement with climate change and the climate march

Over the past few years, people have started gathering in majors cities across the world to protest against governments and businesses taking too little action to mitigate climate change (like the Klimaatmars in Amsterdam). But what do these protests mean for the people who attend them, and what impacts might they have on society more broadly? In this talk, we’ll look at the social and personal consequences of large-scale climate protests and how they may change the way we think and feel about other people and the environment.

Steph Johnson-Zawadzki

PhD student

University of Groningen

Danielle Prins - De Jonge.jpg

Gold on the ocean floor

For the transfer from fossil fuels to green energy technologies like windmills, solar panels, and electric cars we need metals. As the metal supplies from land are running low, nations are looking for alternative sources of metals. The deep ocean floor holds many geological formations that contain lots of metals, and advanced plans already exist to start mining these. However, the deep sea is full of weird and wonderful life that has its own pace. Can we mine such extreme and remote environments without harming a vulnerable and poorly researched ecosystem?


Danielle Prins-de Jonge

Marine Biologist

University of Groningen