Tuesday 29th January 2018
Doors Open 18:30 | Event 19:00 - 22:00
Cafe The Crown
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Unravelling the survival mechanism of M. tuberculosis

In western civilization tuberculosis (TB) is seen as a disease from the past. The reality however is completely opposite.


In 2015 the World Health Organization concluded that TB surpassed HIV/AIDS as the world’s leading infectious disease. It is well known that one can be infected by the tuberculosis bacterium without having the TB disease. This form of TB is known as latent TB, which after decades of infection can develop into the actual tuberculosis disease (= active TB).

Jeffrey Buter


University of Groningen - Stratingh Institute for Chemistry

DNA-based data storage – Science fiction or reality?

Clemens Meyer uses his chemical background to repurpose biomolecules for non-natural tasks, such as the design and evolution of protein catalysts for new-to-nature reactions or how to encode information on DNA.


His current research focuses on reprogramming and engineering the cellular machinery to facilitate man-made innovations. Amongst others, he is interested in developing novel strategies for drug discovery or the discovery and fine-tuning of protein catalysts.

Clemens Mayer 


​University of Groningen - Stratingh Institute for Chemistry

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