Groningen Team


Simone Savino

City Coordinator

Postdoctoral fellow at University of Groningen. I am studying CO2 recycling using biological molecules.
The aim of my research is to dispose industrial gas before its emission in the atmosphere, while making
chemicals of economical interest.

Elvira Bombino

Event Manager

Biotechnologist, PhD student in computational biology and enzyme engineering at the University of Groningen. Designer of proteins on computers and abstracts thing on canvas, music lover, piano player. Trying to mimic nature and make it tailored for each application. Sharing curiosity and science.

Antonija Marjanovic

Event Manager

PhD student in biotechnology with a passion for organizing events for scientists to get together and exchange ideas. We all enjoy doing science and we also know the feeling of awe when getting inspired by someone's thoughts. But science communication should not only stay between scientists. The ultimate goal in research communication is when your grandma understands what you are doing AND thinks that it is useful!

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