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Leiden Team

Barbara Levering

I am an Astronomy and Science Communication Master student, currently doing an internship at the European Space Agency (ESA). I love space and I love people. But there is nothing I like more than talking to people about space and if possible, doing so over a  beer (which is another thing that I loooove). My favourite one (so far) is La Chouffe.  

Marie Foerg


I'm studying Biology and Science Communication in Leiden and am currently doing an internship at Naturalis working on the nests of the European mole. I love nature, especially plants and my favourite beer is a Radler (don't come for me).

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Meike de Boer


Vegan, dancing PhD candidate in forensic speech science, currently focusing on how people say 'uh'. When I'm not doing research myself, I like to attend lectures and learn how science can change the world. In addition, I am involved in the reintegration of (former) prisoners in and around Leiden.

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