Leiden Team

Maria Loos

City Coordinator

Constantly smiling bacteriologist with love for science, friendships and beer. Always glad to tell about the first one in exchange for the other two. I enjoy listening even more. In the silent moments I dance and cook (preferably at the same time).

Tessa Verhoef


Multi-disciplinary wonder junkie with a love for robots, language and cultural evolution. As co-founder of the Creative Intelligence Lab (CIL) I love to bring together scientists and artists who like to think about technology, the human mind and everything in between.

With a great passion for designing live exhibits to bring science to festivals, I occasionally get my nerd on over a beer in the Californian desert, or most recently at Lowlands: 


Profielfoto d200x250.jpg
Meike de Boer


Vegan, dancing PhD candidate in forensic speech science, currently focusing on how people say 'uh'. When I'm not doing research myself, I like to attend lectures and learn how science can change the world. In addition, I am involved in the reintegration of (former) prisoners in and around Leiden.

Gesa Walkers

Physicist, working at temperatures close to absolute zero (around -273 °C) with a powerful fridge. This freezing cold improves the resolution of my tiny MRI-scanner such that I can look at magnetic objects 1000 times thinner than a human hair. When I am not working on my PhD research, I like learning languages and talking to people.