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Leiden Team

Sophie Aarts

Co-City Coordinatoor
I am a true believer that an engaging conversation (/PoS talk) can trigger any budding science fanatic to explore a completely new world in the search for knowledge. I, for example, discovered recently that I am particularly thrilled by zero-emission ocean shipping science and policy. Pint of Science creates a space to comfortably explore new fantastical (and sometimes slightly odd) fields of science while drinking an ice cold beer – What more can you ask for?

Anna Heerdink

Co-City Coordinator

I am a science lover! I studied biology here in Leiden and although I really liked my time in the lab, I noticed I liked talking about science even more. So I decided to follow the master specialization 'science communication & society'. Right now I work for Naturalis Biodiversity Center, where I try to give Naturalis researchers and Life Science & Health startups a place to present their research to a broad audience.

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