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A glance at the cosmos
Atoms 05 Spiral Galaxy.jpg
Tuesday 10th May 2022
Doors Open 18:30 | Event 19:00 - 22:30
The Student Hotel

Sphinxcour 9A6211 XZ 

Discovering the small elements of the universe

A medicine that you buy in a pharmacy undergoes plenty of tests over many years of investigations before it is publically available. These processes first begin with identifying the root cause of a discomfort, which leads to a disease. Once the target is identified, a search among plenty of molecules starts in order to discover and refine a set of potential drug candidates. These steps are the focus of my research, which I tackle with Mass Spectrometry. A fancy, multi-use instrument, which you wish to have one for yourself.

Darya Hadavi

PhD Candidate

Maastricht University


Discovering the Dark Side of the Universe

Stefan Hild is an experimental physicists who likes to play with lasers and is keen to  listen to the sound of the universe. He did his PhD in Germany, moved then to England, and stayed then 10 years on bonnie Scotland, before Brexit 'drove' him to South Limburg. One of his biggestest dreams is to build the next European gravitational wave observatory: the Einstein Telescope.

Stefan Hild

Professor of Experimental Physics

Maastricht University

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