Are we being manipulated
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Wednesday 22nd May 2019
Doors Open 18:30 | Event 19:00 - 22:30
The Lab
Ezelmarkt 15, 6211 LJ Maastricht

Catalina will provide for the insights of the legal considerations about the phenomena of social media influencers and their impact in our behavior as consumers. She will reflect on current and modern dilemmas that this new way of advertising entail.

About the speaker: Catalina is an assistant professor at the Law faculty. As an advocate of 21st century skills in legal education, she has participated in different pedagogical developments that include the use of Google Glass in legal simulations,a s well as the use of vlogging in legal skills education.

Catalina Goanta

Assistant Professor Law Faculty

Maastricht University


Constantijn will reflect on the history of public relations and the political, social and cultural impact of corporate interests on the information which we receive and consume. He will discuss the implications of an information political economy designed around the profit-oriented interests of private, mostly large corporate, actors. He will conclude with some options to improve our media and information landscape.


About the speaker: Constantijn is a PhD candidate at Metro and the ICGI at the faculty of law in Maastricht. His research focuses on an examination of corporate law, governance and social responsibility within a broader economic, sociological and political context. The aim of his research is to provide a multidisciplinary perspective on issues in the mutual relationships between state, civil society and the corporation as well as their implications for the laws which address and enable corporate activities.

Constantijn van Aartsen

PhD Candidate Law Faculty

 Maastricht University