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Building a sustainable society
Monday 9th May 2022
Doors Open 18:30 | Event 19:00 - 22:30
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Indoor Air Quality - will someone open the windows please?

Burak is an associate professor of sustainably digitalisation at SBE, Maastricht University and the founder of social entrpreneurship start-up He is one of the Dutch Climate Pact ambassadors but more importantly he is a maker and a cook. He sculpts in the evenings and writes proofs and codes in the mornings.

Burak Can (@burakcan_EN)

Associate Professor

Maastricht University


Cultivated meat: same burger, kinder to our planet

Current meat consumption is causing devastating damage to our planet.

Producing meat takes up 80% of all agricultural land, and contributes to around a fifth of all human-produced greenhouse gases.

And that’s just what’s happening right now. Meat demand will continue to soar as the world's population reaches 10 billion, and our planet will be stretched beyond its limits.

Dirk Remmers

Junior Data Scientist

Mosa Meat

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