Growing Smart and Fair
Lumière Café
Bassin 88, 6211 AK Maastricht
Wednesday 27th Feb 2019
Doors Open 18:30 | Event 19:00 - 21:00


Can our relationship with animals influence the sustainability of our society? How does economic growth relate to industrialisation in developing countries? Can we build sustainable modern societies without exploiting the vulnerable and voiceless, such as animals and low wage workers? These are the questions we will ask, investigate and discuss at the Pint of Science event on Our Society.

Can foreign aid to Africa promote sustainability, human rights and economic growth at the same time?


Dr. Elsje Fourie is a development sociologist with expertise in how industrialising countries learn from each other. Her recent and current research topics include the wellbeing of female workers in Ethiopia, the introduction of Japanese production methods to African factories, and the role of the Dutch development bank (FMO) in promoting sustainable Dutch investment abroad.

Elsje Fourie

Assistant Professor of Globalisation and Development Studies

Globalisation, Transnationalism and Development (GTD), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Animals and Humans: Understanding our shared emotions to sustain our world


Pim Martens holds the chair 'Sustainable Development' at Maastricht University. He is also founder of AnimalWise, a “think and do tank” integrating scientific knowledge and animal advocacy to bring about sustainable change in our relationship with animals.


Pim Martens

Director of the Maastricht University Graduate School of Sustainability Science (MUST)

ICIS, Faculty of Science and Engineering

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