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Sex differences and health
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Tuesday, 23 May 2023
Doors Open 18:30 | Event 19:00 - 21:30
Proeflokaal Poshoorn

Stationsstraat 47 6221 BN Maastricht

Sex differences in biomedicine and how bioengineering can address it

Rhiannon is an expert in creating biomimetic microenvironments for complex in vitro biological models - bringing together her engineering, clinical and biological expertise to provide tools for researchers and clinicians. Prior to her PhD, Rhiannon worked in the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service in Cell Therapies, treating cancer patients with stem and T-cell transplants. She has a background in human clinical genetics, and has also worked in Neuroscience research.

Rhiannon Grant

PostDoctoral Researcher

Institute MERLN | Maastricht University


Sex differences in cardiovascular disease

Miranda obtained her master’s degree at Utrecht University and her PhD on metabolic disorders from Maastricht University. She has since then completed postdoc positions at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA, at Eindhoven University of Technology and at Maastricht University. Miranda’s ambition is to treat cardiac disease via metabolic interventions. She studies the relationship between structural, metabolic and functional changes in the failing heart to better understand the molecular triggers of heart failure and to identify new targets for treatment.

Miranda Nabben

Assistant Professor Department of Genetics and Cell Biology | Maastricht University

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