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Maastricht Team

Linda Rieswijk

City Coordinator

Data scientist with a training in Molecular Nutrition, a PhD degree in Toxicogenomics and postdoctoral experience in Bioinformatics, Data Science and Environmental Sciences. Advocate of interdisciplinary research on the crosstalk between the biological and technical domain to study biomedical challenges and their implications on society. I believe that scientific breakthroughs can only be successful and have a powerful impact when the needs of the public are also taken into account. What better way than to do this in an informal setting together with a nice pint of beer :) 

Vincent Emonet

City Coordinator

Data engineer working mainly with knowledge graphs in biomedical research, making knowledge more accessible. Everybody is concerned by the findings of scientific research, and it can helps our democratic society to take better decisions. Science should not be confined to laboratory and discussed through complex terms, most subjects can be break down to simple concepts and casually discussed around good beers and laughter!

Boukje Compen.jpg
Boukje Compen
Communication Officer

Newly appointed assistant professor in Educational Sciences with a focus on faculty development. During my PhD I attended PoS in Antwerp and loved the informal atmosphere. Would be happy to meet you at PoS Maastricht this year and share our thoughts on whether to beer or not to beer!

Claire van Doorn.jpeg
Claire van Doorn
Communication Officer

Internship & honours programme coordinator at the department of Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering. When I am not matching students with the internship of their dreams, I love nature, every sport with a racket, Queen and, of course, socializing with friends with a cold beer (and snacks). Cheers!

KKC (2).jpg
Katerina Kandylaki


Cognitive neuroscientist and dance teacher. I am fascinated by the brain, language, music, dance, rhythm. I believe that if we do not communicate our work, it is almost as if we didn’t do it. I’m especially enthusiastic to explain scientific findings to the public and make science as accessible as possible, without compensating its quality.

Alisia Muka.jpeg
Muka Alisia

A bachelor student in econometrics and operations research. Curious to explore other fields and understand the world better. I appreciate what science has been offering and want to support it further. So, why not talk about it?

Roos Goorman.jpg
Roos Goorman

Bachelor student in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Interested in bioethics and science communication. Science should be fun and  accessible. It's not just statistics, it's a story.  One you can enjoy with a cold beer in your hand!

Joanna Babilotte.jpg
Joanna Babilotte


Enthusiastic about biology, with a keen interest in new technologies, I did a PhD on 3D printing technologies for bone regeneration. I am now a post-doc at MERLN institute (kind of dutch Hogwarts), learning magic tricks to repair bone. I believe that beer is the best way to break the ice (especially when it's super fresh) between science and public!

Mathilde Baudat.JPG
Mathilde Baudat

As a Swiss neuroscientist in Maastricht University I focuses on the long-term effects of neonatal pain, as experience by infants hospitalized in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I believe great ideas come from talks around a drink with people thinking differently. Pint of Science is the perfect setting to stimulate new ideas!

Eline Berends.jpg
Eline Berends

PhD student in neuroscience, looking into the smallest blood vessels in the brain and how they might be affected in diabetes. I love talking about my work, with other researchers, or just with whoever wants to hear it.

Lizette Krist.jpeg
Lizette Krist


Working on a PhD in HIV prevention in the region, hoping to find out what people need from sexual health services. I love reading and writing, exploring and learning, and most of all: sharing a beer with people I love.

Stefan Hild.jpg
Stefan Hild

Professor of Experimental Physics, playing with lasers in order to listen to the symphony of the Cosmos andto uncover the dark side of the Universe. Keen to push forward large research collaboration crossing borders.

Janka Mantrai.jpg
Janka Mátrai

Hoi, I am a scientific officer at the European Research Council. I am managing our grant evaluation process in the life science unit. Previously, I conducted research in gene and cell therapy, and bioinformatics. My aim at each stage and post of my career was to do something for the betterment of our society, to be there for our citizens. The Pint of Science Festival is just a cool way to continue along this line!

Charlotte Andriessen.jpg
Charlotte Andriessen


Nutritionist who is currently doing a PhD on the effects of the human day-night rhythm on metabolic health. Fascinated about the interplay between the internal, circadian rhythm of the human body and the time cues present in our environment, including light, food intake and exercise. In addition, I have a passion for food, travelling and doing all kinds of sports (preferably outdoors). 

Daria Shumkova.JPG
Daria Shumkova

BSc in biomedical sciences at UM, soon MSc at Paris-Saclay U. ​There are situations that coffee is not going to cut. This is where science and pint come!

Zsófia Molnár.jpg
Zsófia Molnár

Epidemiology master student of Maastricht University from Hungary. My hobbies include biking, swimming and of course volunteering in such interesting events as the POS festival. I would like to help in spreading knowledge about various topics to all the people who are interested.

Darya Hadavi.jpg
Darya Hadavi


I am a PhD candidate at Maastricht University and I study molecules, which are the communication tools of cells and the composition of medicines. Since my research has an impact on diagnosis and treatment methods, I would love to share my work with society. Tell me your opinion over a drink and who know, we might make a personalized medicine.

Veerle van Gils.jpg
Veerle van Gils

PhD student at Alzheimer Center Limburg, Maastricht University. With a background in Neuropsychology. Currently doing research into vascular contributions to Alzheimer’s Disease and its markers in the brain. Loves to run, hike, cycle, ski, and dance. And talk about science. Preferably with a beer (or two).

Tom Kern.jpeg
Tom Kern

3rd year bachelor student in Psychology. I have already learned a lot about various aspects of the brain, but I have also noticed that most of my friends and family are completely unaware of the intriguing findings of this field of science. That is why I want to help giving brain science a broader audience. And since I also love beer, helping at Pint of Science is the perfect way to do so​

Sunny Chen.png
Sunny Chen


Master student studying in Biobased Materials Master Program in Maastricht University. Trained as a chemist and now focusing on sustainability. I think Science is a life style and a way of thinking rather than a truth.

Juliette Berghmans.jpg
Juliette Berghmans

1st year University College Maastricht bachelor student from Belgium, mostly interested in Science Communication and Climate Science. I want to help there to be more public science literacy and access to “easy” science, and I believe the best way is to bring science to directly to public spaces, such as with Pint of Science !

Monica Salvioli.jpg
Monica Salvioli

I am a postdoc working in the field of mathematical oncology. My scientific passion is to use mathematical models to decode cancer’s secrets and contribute to a cure. In my free time I like to unwind by hiking, reading and baking. I’m really passionate about science communication, I never pass up the opportunity to make science accessible and to bring the fun of science to the wider public. I’m very excited to help in sharing all the cool research happening in Maastricht!​

Profile picture Anke.jpg
Anke Wind


I am a project manager at the department of Precision Medicine at FHML. In my current job I try to be a bridge between the beta research side and the more gamma management side. In the past I have researched as a PhD and Postdoc the benchmarking of cancer care. I love talking about my work, helping others with organizing (their research) and drinking beer. So Pint of Science is right up my alley.

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