Maastricht Team


Linda Rieswijk

City Coordinator

Data scientist with a training in Molecular Nutrition, a PhD degree in Toxicogenomics and postdoctoral experience in Bioinformatics, Data Science and Environmental Sciences. Advocate of interdisciplinary research on the crosstalk between the biological and technical domain to study biomedical challenges and their implications on society. I believe that scientific breakthroughs can only be successful and have a powerful impact when the needs of the public are also taken into account. What better way than to do this in an informal setting together with a nice pint of beer :) 

Vincent Emonet

City Coordinator

Data engineer working mainly with knowledge graphs in biomedical research, making knowledge more accessible. Everybody is concerned by the findings of scientific research, and it can helps our democratic society to take better decisions. Science should not be confined to laboratory and discussed through complex terms, most subjects can be break down to simple concepts and casually discussed around good beers and laughter!

Adriana 2723.jpg
Adriana Berlanga

Finance Advisor

Working in the Knowledge Transfer Office gives me the unique opportunity to be very close to the research and innovation that is taking place in the University of Maastricht. I really would like that the general public gets this opportunity as well. Pint of Science will make this possible!

KKC (2).jpg
Katerina Kandylaki

Event + Communication Manager

Cognitive neuroscientist and dance teacher. I am fascinated by the brain, language, music, dance, rhythm. I believe that if we do not communicate our work, it is almost as if we didn’t do it. I’m especially enthusiastic to explain scientific findings to the public and make science as accessible as possible, without compensating its quality.

Karen Zegers Foto POS.jpg
Karen Zegers

Communication Manager

Technical Physician working as a coordinator of the Digital Society research program and as a clinical data scientist. My interest is applying novel (digital) technology in healthcare. To make scientific research successful and applicable the interaction between science, technology, and society is of great importance. Let’s bring science to a level where we can all discuss and provide valuable input while enjoying a nice pint of beer.  

Eleni Liapi

Event Manager 

Molecular biologist, curious about pathways & non-coding RNAs, currently PhD student in Cardiovascular diseases. Always viewed science as a whole and asked questions about maths, biology, chemistry and physics. So, let us talk science and ask lots of questions while at a nice pub!

Li-Yen Wong

Event Manager

My enthusiasm and passion for science stems from the interactions I have with like-minded individuals, such as those in PoS. I believe that having the opportunity to communicate our research to the general public is pivotal not only to educate ourselves in various important topics but also be awed and inspired by others. The best way to do that is over a couple of pints in the pub so let’s make this a fantastic one!

Alejandra De La Fuente Vilar

Event Manager

Researcher interested in the application of Psychological science in legal settings with the goal of improving the criminal justice system. I am pursuing a joint PhD degree in Legal Psychology at Maastricht University and the University of Gothenburg. Enthusiastic about scientists learning to communicate effectively with non-specialist audiences, and even better, over a pint!

Beata Marton

Event Manager

I’m originally Food Engineer and have received my PhD in material science, but later on I followed my passion into travel industry. Still very much interested generally in chemical and biological sciences, my special interest is the relationship between nutrition and chronic diseases. Enthusiastic to bring science to everyone during drinking a “nutritious” beer.

Lucía Martinez Lorenzo

Event Manager

Currently writting my Ph.D thesis on EU Public Procurement Law between Hasselt University and Maastricht University. As science is not only about numbers and law is not only about paperwork, Pint of Science brings me the opportunity to merge knowledge and a good pint!

Naomi Ho

Event Manager

As someone who hasn’t stepped inside a science class since graduating from high school, I represent the other half of the the intended Pint of Science Community. Former event organizer and fundraiser and current small business owner, I love the idea of bringing diverse groups of people together to share ideas and learn from each other! Pint of Science proves that the learning doesn’t stop once you leave the classroom - it just gets more fun.

Xan Duggirala

Event Manager

An engineer who fell for the brain! Currently pursuing PhD in affective/cognitive neuroscience at Maastricht University. I believe that science will thrive only when ‘Why does it matter?’ is communicated to general public in a clear and relatable way. Pint of Science offers a platform to make this possible.

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Myrthe van der Bruggen

Event Manager

Medical doctor, doing a PhD on stiffening of the large arteries in diabetic patients. I have always been interested in translational medicine: bridging the gap between research and care delivery by translating questions from patient care into research, and applying research results to care. Pint of science is a great opportunity to explain science to the general public and make it more accessible for everyone!

Natasha Mason

Event Manager
Currently pursuing a PhD in psychopharmacology at Maastricht
University, I have always been fascinated as to how commonly used recreational drugs affect the brain and alter behavior. Ever
enthusiastic to share ongoing work into this field, initiatives like
Pint of Science provide a platform to discuss novel research, results, and perspectives, with the general public.​

Armand Linkens

Event Manager

MD and PhD-student at the department of Internal Medicine. Educating others about your research is one of the best aspects of science. Especially if you're able to transmit your enthusiasm. I was born and raised in Maastricht, and I hope to translate some of the difficult matter researched within the Univerisity of Maastricht to the locals. I think Pint of Science is the perfect platform for this.​

Nathalie Vaes

Event Manager

Researcher intrigued by the nervous system in our gut: the so-called “second brain”. Did you know that your gut can influence your mental health via the alleged “gut-brain axis” ? Thanks to events like Pint of Science, scientist are offered an unique opportunity to share their valuable findings (ingredients), perspectives and enthusiasm with the public in an every-day atmosphere. 
Let's talk science... Cheers!