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Maastricht Team

Linda Rieswijk

Co-City Coordinator

Data scientist with a training in Molecular Nutrition, a PhD degree in Toxicogenomics and postdoctoral experience in Bioinformatics, Data Science and Environmental Sciences. Advocate of interdisciplinary research on the crosstalk between the biological and technical domain to study biomedical challenges and their implications on society. I believe that scientific breakthroughs can only be successful and have a powerful impact when the needs of the public are also taken into account. What better way than to do this in an informal setting together with a nice pint of beer :) 

Keri Vos.png
Keri Vos

Co-City Coordinator

Flavour physicist working on finding out how the tiniest of fundamental particles behave by comparing theory with experimental data. I am an assistant professor at the Gravitational Waves and Fundamental Physics department of Maastricht University focussing on unravelling the decays of the beauty mesons. If you want to know more about those, come join one of our events!

Alexandra M.png
Alexandra Masciantonio
Event Manager

Postdoctoral researcher at Studio Europa, in my research I am interested in how social media has invaded our lives. One of my passions is also science communication, and I never miss an opportunity to connect science and society. Already a big fan of Pint Of Science in France, I'm happy to be able to join the Maastricht team and look forward to meeting you. 

Nina S.png
Nina Stahl 
Event Manager

PhD candidate and member of the Research Ethics Committee at the Faculty of Health, Medicine & Life Sciences. I believe that by critically reflecting on the current legal structures that govern our society and by making those discussions available and understandable to everybody, we as a society are able to strive towards greater inclusion and improvement for all. 

Joanna Babilotte.jpg
Joanna Babilotte

Event Manager

Enthusiastic about biology, with a keen interest in new technologies, I did a PhD on 3D printing technologies for bone regeneration. I am now a post-doc at MERLN institute (kind of dutch Hogwarts), learning magic tricks to repair bone. I believe that beer is the best way to break the ice (especially when it's super fresh) between science and public!

Merel S.png
Merel Stiekema
Event Manager

PhD student in Molecular Cell Biology, investigating very small structures in the cell with super-resolution microscopy. Furthermore I like to cook and bake, to run, and to enjoy a (craft) beer in the sun

Monica Salvioli.jpg
Monica Salvioli
Event Manager

I am a postdoc working in the field of mathematical oncology. My scientific passion is to use mathematical models to decode cancer’s secrets and contribute to a cure. I’m really passionate about science communication, I never pass up the opportunity to make science accessible and to bring the fun of science to the wider public. I’m very excited to help in sharing all the cool research happening in Maastricht!​

Luise K.png
Luise Kranzhoff 


Luise is a PhD candidate in physics working on advanced quantum noise cancellation techniques for future gravitational wave detectors, which means that she has taken up the challenge to beat Heisenberg’s Uncertainty in interferometry based on lasers hitting mirrors. Many ideas in the past were born in the presence of a pint or two, so she is looking forward to sharing her enthusiasm for physics and hearing your thoughts.

Laura dB.png
Laura de Bruin

I am a bachelor student in the International Track of Medicine at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML). I have a keen interest in science, research and healthcare. I believe that more emphasis should be placed on the collaboration between academics and the general public. I am proud to be a part of this platform, working towards achieving this goal.

Shukeea A.png
Shukeea Alberto 

A bachelor student of the International Track of Medicine at Maastricht University’s Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. Pint Of Science is just another great opportunity to incorporate an educational academic experience into our everyday social activities.

Mimi C.png
Mimi Ciotti


A Bachelor student of European Public Health at Maastricht University in the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. I am eager and open to learning about the world of science and health. Pint of Science is another great opportunity to nourish my passion for health. 

Sulaf K.png
Sulaf Kleige

I'm a biomedical bachelor student  delving into interdisciplinary research with a focus on obesity prevention. I believe that science is at its best when it's collaborative, and I'm excited to be a part of the Pint of Science Festival where knowledge enthusiasts can connect, all while enjoying a drink or two!

Beckett M.png
Beckett Moser 

As a Bachelor Student of European Public Health at Maastricht University, I have been able to research a variety of different topics and concentrations relating to health. Keeping in mind the social aspect in all health research, Pint of Science has allowed me to combine my passion for academia and community, as well as the pleasure of a refreshing drink with good company! 

Nian M.png
Nian Minten 


I am a Bachelor Student Health Sciences specializing in mental health at Maastricht University at the faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. The Pint of Science programme allows me to network and bring academic awareness to the community of Maastricht with the pleasure of good company and a drink!

Luzi S.png
Luzi Schuchmann 

Hi I am Luzi and I am a passionate bachelors student with a focus on neuroscience and the endocrine system. Helping to organize Pint of Science in Maastricht gives me the opportunity to share the newest scientific discoveries with society in an approachable way. The interdisciplinary approach gives me the chance to broaden my knowledge and to learn about organizing social events. 

Diyora R.png
Diyora Rakhimova

I am a second year bachelor student in the International Track of Medicine at the Faculty of Health, Medicine, Life Sciences at Maastricht University. Being a part of Pint of Science in the Honours Programme, I hope to be able to meet more people in Maastricht with similar passions for science as me and be able to teach and inspire a crowd of people about such topics! 

Mariam H.png
Mariam Hamadeh


I am medical bachelor student at Maastricht University. I come from a small island in the Caribbean called Curaçao, and I chose to leave my home to pursue my passion for medicine in the Netherlands. I am a very passion driven individual, so I like to seek opportunities to satisfy my curiosities and expand my range of knowledge; hence why I joined the Honours Programme and why I am currently working on helping set up Pint of Science in Maastricht.

Esmee vB.png
Esmee van den Berg 

Heya, my name is Esmee and I am a bachelor student biomedical sciences and I am currently working on a project about the implementation of AI into the clinic. My interests within biomed are very broad and I love sharing my enthusiasm of certain topics with others. Thanks to Pint of Science, I now have the opportunity to share the latest research developments with the public while sipping on a cold beer!

Emilia G.png
Emilia Gikic

I am currently in my second year as an international track of medicine student (ITM).I have always had a passion for science and have been involved in various projects throughout my life, which has only fuelled my curiosity further. It is this passion that drives me to help organize Pint of Science events.

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