The Good, the Bad and the Intoxicated
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Monday 20th May 2019
Doors Open 18:30 | Event 19:00 - 22:30
Café Charlemagne
Onze Lieve Vrouweplein 24, 6211 HE Maastricht

Natasha is completing her PhD in psychopharmacology at Maastricht University. Her research assesses the effects of recreational drugs on brain and behavior, with a particular focus on the potential therapeutic mechanisms of psychedelic drugs. But can a psychedelic “trip” really be good for you, and if so, how? This talk will discuss current research looking into the effects of these drugs, and how they may enhance well-being.

Natasha Mason

PhD Candidate

Maastricht University


Lilian is a researcher at Maastricht University looking into the memory effects of popular legal and illicit drugs from a forensic point of view. Substances like alcohol, cannabis, and ecstasy often play a role in legal cases, as people who witness or even commit a crime are frequently intoxicated. Can we actually rely on these people’s statements in court? And are they more likely to develop memory errors than sober people? This talk will shed light on some of these issues, covering some interesting research methods and findings.


Lilian Kloft

PhD Candidate

Maastricht University


Elizabeth is a lecturer with a PhD in psychopharmacological research at Maastricht University who examined the impact of drug advertisement on brain activity in regular alcohol and cannabis users. It is well-known that exposure to public advertisement of drugs in the media can motivate a person to use a given substance. But are drug advertisements capable of producing the same effects in the brain as the administration of the drug itself? This talk will discuss brain reactivity to alcohol and cannabis marketing during sobriety and intoxication.


Elizabeth de Sousa Fernandes


Maastricht University