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Interpreting brightness and space
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Tuesday 10th May 2022
Doors Open 19:30 | Event 20:00 - 22:30
Lange Hezelstraat 58A, 6511 CL

To be bright, or to be brightened?

Brightness is often seen as an individual trait. You are either bright or you are unnoticeable. In my chat I would like to argue that brightness is the outcome of a perfect match: a match between you and your environment. This match includes your personality, your skills and above all your motivation. If your environment is awarding you for doing the things that you want to do the most, then your star will shine brighter and brighter.

Harold Bekkering (@BekkeringHarold)

Professor of Social Cognitive Neuroscience & Psychology

Radboud University


Space is brighter than you think

We are surrounded by carbon, even made of it. Most of the larger molecules detected in space contain carbon. Moreover, towards many phases of stellar evolution, telescopes observe infrared features that originate from carbon-containing molecules. The new infrared James Webb Space Telescope, launched Christmas 2021, is expected to revolutionize our understanding of carbon in the Universe. I will explain how our laboratory studies will contribute to interpreting Webb’s future observations.

Alexander Lemmens (Sander)

Postdoc researcher - Physical Chemistry

Radboud University

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