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Quantum computing, music and the brain
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Tuesday 23rd May 2023
Doors Open 18:30 | Event 19:00 - 21:30
Lange Hezelstraat 58A, 6511 CL

The brain: more of its parts?

How does cognition emerge from the brain, which is composed of many smaller and simpler parts (for example, neurons)? More and more the brain is seen as a result of decentralized computations, involving multiple neurons, or networks of neurons, at the same time. I will discuss how this collective activation of neurons provides the foundations of natural intelligence and constitutes a mode of operation present in neural systems of any size.

Federico Stella

Assistant Professor 

Donders Institute


From Sounds to Serenity: Music and Mental Health

Why is music good for our mental health? Are there songs that are better for our mental health than others? In this talk, we take a closer look at the different effects of music on mental health. Together, we will figure out which music works best to promote mental health, and why.

Krisna Adiasto


Behavioural Science Institute | Radboud UMC


Finding needles in a haystack with quantum computers

We are on the quest of solving the hardest problems with quantum computers. Don't we have computers for doing that already? So, why adding quantum at all? In this talk we are going to describe what quantum computers can be capable of and unravel concepts like quantum advantage and quantum speedup.

Aarón Villanueva

PhD Candidate

Donders Institute

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