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Stimulating the technological revolution
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Wednesday 11th May 2022
Doors Open 19:30 | Event 20:00 - 22:30
Lange Hezelstraat 58A, 6511 CL

What is ‘brightness’ in humans? Sense and nonsense on intelligence and the brain

Humans have been interested in intelligence since the dawn of time – But what is intelligence, and what does it tell us about ourselves and others? Can we measure it? Should we? More importantly, what do brain soup, mailbags full of schoolwork and eating foxes have to do with being bright? Come and find out at Pint of Science!

Rogier Kievit (@rogierK)

Professor of Social Cognitive Neuroscience & Psychology

Radboud University


Visual cortical implants with AI:

brain chips that restore vision to the blind

Michelle will talk about the newest technology for restoring vision to the blind: visual cortical implants. The implant is a chip that stimulates the visual cortex in the brain such that a patient can see again. Developing this novel technique brings many challenges along. Michelle's work is about integrating Artificial Intelligence into the implant to tackle some of these challenges. There will also be a live virtual reality demonstration in which you get to experience what it would be like to have such a brain implant yourself.

Michelle Appel

PhD Candidate

Radboud University


Searching for materials that will induce the next technological revolution

Did you ever notice that history is categorized by the materials that brought technological progress? It all started with the stone age and we are now living in the silicon age. Almost all electronics, like your phone or computer, are based on silicon components. Over the years these components have become smaller and more energy efficient, but we are at the limit of what can be improved. In my lab we do fundamental research into the electronic behaviour of materials under extreme conditions in order to identify new phases and quantum effects that can lead us into the next material age.

Sanne Kristensen

Phd Candidate

Radboud University

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