Nijmegen Team

Eelke Spaak

City Coordinator

I am currently a research fellow at the Donders Institute in Nijmegen. My research focuses on the role of context information in (un)conscious vision. My curiosity and interests don’t stop there, however! You can wake me up for anything from the birth of stars to the fall of the Roman Republic. And don’t forget that pint!

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Sara Iacozza


PhD student in cognitive psychology, investigating how memory and language are influenced by the social identity of our interlocutors.

I was a teacher for many years, and since then I always try to maintain a relationship with the general audience. Being able to communicate science in a simple and effective way is an essential goal for me... especially if accompanied by a beer!

Foto Adriaan Duiveman klein.png
Adriaan Duiveman


PhD student in the Department of Dutch Language and Culture at Radboud University, investigating the cultural and social impact of natural disasters in the eighteenth-century Dutch Republic. Before moving from Groningen to Nijmegen, Adriaan did research on something which could also end quite disastrous: seventeenth- and eighteenth-century drinking games in the Rijksmuseum. For him, pints were actual academic research objects

Erini Zormpa


PhD candidate at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, studying how language use influences memory. I am especially interested in memory for conversations and how this differs depending on conversational role, e.g. on whether you said or heard something.I am passionate about open science and making research transparent and accessible to researchers and the public. If that involves beer even better!


Roeland Segeren.png
Roeland Segeren


Science is our future and everyone should know what our brightest minds are working on. As a former journalist and current public outreach officer of the Donders Institute I hope to contribute to this ideal with the lovely Pint of Science events. And - not unimportantly - I also love that other Pint that comes with the job. 

Federica Bartolozzi

Event Manager

PhD candidate at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, studying the cognitive mechanisms that enable us to quickly switch between production and comprehension processes in conversation. Passionate about science communication, this is my second year volunteering for Pint of Science in Nijmegen.

Tim de Jongh

Event Manager

PhD researcher in physics at the Radboud University, performing molecular collision experiments. By playing billiards with molecules at very low temperatures, we investigate how they interact at the most fundamental level. Sadly, this type of billiards is not suitable to play in a pub. Luckily, we can still talk about it!

Dimana Atanassova


PhD student at the Donders Centre for Cognition, investigating decision-making in psychopathy. Originally from Bulgaria, I moved to Nijmegen from sunny Glasgow and I’m passionate about making science fun and accessible and getting the public excited about research.

Myrthe Faber


Assistant Professor at Tilburg University and Research Affiliate at the Donders Institute, Nijmegen. I study when, why, and how we mind wander. For example, we daydream, think about our feelings, or about what to have for dinner. I want to know how that affects our thinking, our performance of tasks, and our well-being. I always enjoy talking to people about my findings and ideas, even more so over a pint!

Greta Kaufeld


I’m a PhD student at the MPI for Psycholinguistics, researching how we get from “sound” to “meaning” when we understand spoken language. I'm really enthusiastic about cognitive neuroscience, language and music. Looking forward to bringing scientists and the general public together in the pub!

Talia Longthorne


Research master student in behavioural science, focusing on applying empirical findings to real-life behaviour regarding risk behaviours, human-robot interactions and intertemporal choice. Combining my love for science with a passion for beer outside (and inside) of the university.

Hannah Lutzenberger


PhD student at the Center of Language Studies at Radboud University, investigating phonology in a sign language used in a village in Bali. I want to know if and how forms of signs vary across adult signers and how children learn their phonological building blocks in this sign language. Besides being passionate about sign languages, I love making research visible, understandable and exciting!

Elena Mainetto


PhD student of Cognitive Neuroscience at the Donders Institute, Radboud University. My work focuses primarily on the role of dopamine in inference for language and planning, using a combination of functional MRI, psychopharmacology and computational cognitive modeling in healthy human volunteers. I am very passionate about science and science communication. I think we should talk about research more often, especially over a beer!

Velin Sequeira


I am a PhD student at the Faculty of Science and Radboud Institute of Molecular Life science, curious about how epigenetics affects life! I love reading, dancing to Bollywood music and watching movies.