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Event details! (Posters coming soon :D)

Barney cycling his way into the Netherlands!

This past week we have been slowly but steadily getting things together for PoS NL, and have several updates. As this is our first year in the Netherlands, we are organizing a limited number of events, with the idea of having a full festival in 2019. We will be launching the individual city events this week, but here is a taster of what is in store.

Amsterdam is going to be our biggest event, where we will be in two locations over two nights. The Amsterdam team have confirmed their venues and are currently busy recruiting speakers. On May 14th we will be holding an event on the theme “Hacking the Body, Mind, and Society”, and that will be on in de Jonge Admiraal (Javastraat 149). This will be a broad ranging theme which will include talks about things like how we can hack our bodies, and the reliability of eye witness testimony.

The following evening on May 15th we will be at Café Checkpoint Charlie (Nassaukade 48) for an event themed “From Particles to Galaxies”, where we will have speakers on things like the Higgs Boson and weird forms of matter that are neither solid, liquid nor gas! We can guarantee that there will be plenty of pints of certain liquids available at each venue however!

In Wageningen our team has put together an event titled “Planet Earth and Our Society”. That will be held in Loburg (Molenstraat 6). At that event we will be chatting about how food science is helping us feed an exploding population, and about research into global development. It should be an extremely interesting and thought provoking evening.

Our Utrecht team have confirmed that the event will be held at Louis Hartlooper (Tolsteegburg 1), and they are putting together the program for the evening. In that case we have decided to go with a broad roster of speakers, working in areas such as cancer, astronomy and molecular biology, so there won’t be a specific theme. Just lots of interesting science. We will also have an event in Delft, but details for that have yet to be finalized.

It looks like we will have lots of very interesting talks in mid-May, so why don’t you join us for a drink and a chat about the cutting edge research happening in the Netherlands!


14th May – de Jonge Admiraal Javastraat 149

15th May – Café Checkpoint Charlie Nassaukade 48


14th May – Loburg Molenstraat 6


15th May – Louis Hartlooper Tolsteegbrug 1

Met vriendelijke groet,

Pint of Science Netherlands Team

#pint18 #PoS18 #PoSNL18

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