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Kicking-off #pint19 in Groningen

The Pint of Science team in Groningen was just born in October last year, and to start with the right foot, an event was organised in November in Café the Crown.

The aim of this evening was to let the people in the city know about us, while engaging them with some scientific topics. The theme of the evening was “The Biotech in our Daily Life” and we covered aspects of biology and biotechnology that are relevant to the society in a general way.

A presentation was given by Alejandro Gran Scheuch on the microorganisms from Antarctica and their ability to degrade diesel in contaminated areas. After a short quiz, where the 20 participants to the event had the opportunity to win some beers (we are named Pint of Science after all), the stage went to Friso Aalbers, who introduced some concepts on the many uses of enzymes in cheese and alcohol production and in the industrial processes to substitute pollutant chemicals.

Engaging with attendees during the quiz

The interest of the heterogenous crowd that gathered in the pub was clear, as they invested the two speakers with questions relative to the various aspects of the introduced topic and above all on the potentialities and future developments of them. In general, the evening was a great success and the team in Groningen is looking forward to having some other of these events before the great festival in May 2019.

Groningen is not the only city Pint of Science Netherlands has expanded to, with four other cities (Maastricht, Nijmegen, Eindhoven and Delft) setting up a Pint of Science team and working towards the main event in May (20th to the 22nd).

More details and events to follow so don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Met vriendelijke groet,

Pint of Science Netherlands Team

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