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Less than a week 'til launch!

Next Monday, the 14th of May, will be our first EVER Pint of Science event in the Netherlands (Wageningen and Amsterdam).

Looking back to when we started organising this a couple months ago, we cannot believe how time flew by and how the events slowly unfolded (although finding venues on short notice was definitely a hurdle!). We have four events spanning three cities, which is more than what we thought we would be able to manage when starting to organise the events in late February.

Just as a reminder, while the events are free, we will be checking tickets so please make sure that you and your friends have booked your tickets (or you could be denied entrance at the location)

Which event to attend?

Well, honestly, all of them are shaping up to be great nights with talks spanning from how eating poop can balance your gut, how the sun contributes to geomagnetic storms and to how people come to live and relate to places shaped by perpetual humanitarian governance.

While you may be a whiz in a specific subject already, these events are a great way to discover the cutting edge research within the Netherlands that is going on in other specialities.

In case you've forgotten the event details:


14th May – Hacking the Body, Mind and Society @ de Jonge Admiraal Javastraat 149

15th May – From Particles to Galaxies @ Café Checkpoint Charlie Nassaukade 48


14th May – Planet Earth and ​Our Society  @ Loburg Molenstraat 6


15th May – Our Body to Galaxies and Beyond @ Louis Hartlooper Tolsteegbrug 1

So don't forget to tell your friends and colleagues and make sure you register for a ticket for the event!

We look forward to seeing you at the event and share a biertje (or two) while listening to these talks.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Pint of Science Netherlands Team

#pint18 #PoS18 #PoSNL18

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