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Pint of Science comes to the Netherlands!

Four Barneys making their way in the Netherlands!

Welcome to the Pint of Science website!

Apart from tweeting and posting on Facebook, we are going to blog about how we are organising the event, why communication in science is important and believe in promoting science to the public.

But first things first,

What is Pint of Science?

Pint of Science is an international science festival that takes place in May every year. It is exactly what it sounds like: scientists communicating their research over a pint of whatever beverage takes your fancy. In 2017, the festival took place in 175 cities in 9 countries across 4 continents, and this year we are bringing it to the Netherlands!

As an event, Pint of Science aims to communicate the science in a relaxed, accessible way. We want an open atmosphere, where people can discuss science, and ask researchers questions about their latest discoveries.

Where can I attend?

This year we hope to have events in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Wageningen and Delft, with themes covering the latest research in topics such as genetics, neurobiology, physics and psychology.

Why is it important?

Science is prevalent in all facets of our lives nowadays, and the relationship between science and society is a complex one. Pint of Science aims to provide a platform for scientists and the public to engage at a more social level, and to give people with no prior knowledge of a subject an insight into the exciting work being carried out. The information doesn’t necessarily flow only in one direction either. This platform allows for mutual learning between scientists and members of the public, increasing scientists’ familiarity with a breadth of perspectives, frames, and worldviews. In a world where facts are increasingly coming under attack, this kind of engagement is essential for maintaining the trust between science and the public.

And this year, we are going to host it in the Netherlands!

So follow us on Twitter, Facebook and this blog and we'll keep you posted (and a teaser will be coming out shortly :D)

Met vriendelijke groet,

Pint of Science Netherlands Team

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