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#pint19 Amsterdam - Hacking the immune system to fight cancer

With the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine being awarded to Immunotherapy, it was the perfect time to learn about what immunotherapy research is happening right here in Amsterdam!

It was a busy and cosy night in De Jonge Admiraal, building on the success of the introduction of Pint of Science events to Amsterdam, in May 2018. Our 2 speakers from the NKI (Netherlands Cancer Institute) introduced us to the theory behind immunotherapy and on what progress is being made.

First, Maarten Slagter, a PhD student, introduced us to the immune system, T Cells and exactly what the nobel prize was awarded for. He then expanded into the different treatments currently available and how each treatment shows good results but not to all patients. There are a vast number of variables that can affect which treatment is right for which patient and his research is focused on mapping all these variables.

Then Leila Akkari, group leader at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, explored the local environment of tumors with us and in particular a specific cell; the macrophage! Her research is showing that this is an extremely awesome and promising cell to be used in future treatments. With some beautiful images and videos, it was a very captivating talk!

Everyone stayed long after the talks drinking and asking the speakers inquisitive questions about their research. The interactive pub quiz, which was appropriately won by ‘Mr T Cell’.

Thank you to everyone who attended and was involved in this event, and everyone from De Jonge Admiraal. We are preparing a wide range of topics for the May festival and look forward to spreading more science around the city!

More details and events to follow so don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Met vriendelijke groet,

Pint of Science Central Team

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