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#pint19 Groningen - Developing Healthcare Technologies

With the second event of Pint of Science in Groningen, the local team was expecting to see more people coming, but they were not ready for the boom of science enthusiasts that filled the upper floor of the Café the Crown.

Full House!!

For the occasion, around 40 people came to hear the two talks given by the amazing speakers from the Stratingh Institute for Chemistry of the University of Groningen.

The night started with Clemens Mayer, fresh assistant professor, who introduced the very interesting topic of data storage using DNA as a containing device. Clemens engaged the public with catching examples, that made clear how much an emergency is to find new ways to store the huge amount of data that we generate daily. All the presents were challenged to answer a short quiz about the presentation and the winners enjoyed some pints sponsored by Pint of Science.

After a pause to quench the thirst and to engage with the speaker, the floor went to Jeffrey Buter, postdoctoral fellow in the group of the Nobel laureate Ben Feringa. Jeffrey talked about another topic that is extremely relevant for the entire community, tuberculosis, and specifically he managed to explain in an accessible manner how the disease develops and, most importantly, in which way scientists are trying to fight the bacterium that is responsible for it.

The night went on with a second quiz and with the presents having the occasion to directly question the two speakers about their work.

More events will follow during the month of March thanks to the efforts of the Groningen team.

More details and events to follow so don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Met vriendelijke groet,

Pint of Science Central Team

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