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Speaker details :DDD

Since our last post we've been tidying up the final details, launching the event pages (which you can find here -> Wageningen, Utrecht, and Amsterdam)

Here are the speakers we have lined up and what you can expect at each event

(TLDR: it’s drinks, fun, and lots of interesting science! :D)

Wageningen – Monday May 14th @ Café Loburg

Our Wageningen event will be themed “Planet Earth and Our Society”.

During that evening we will be hearing talks from 4 scientists, including ones about how we are going to feed a population that is set to hit 10 billion by 2050 (Prof. Vincenzo Fogliano), how we are combatting antibiotic resistance, which is one of the biggest problems in medicine today (Dr. Justin van der Hooft), and how we deal with humanitarian crises, which, as a result of climate change, looks like it is a topic that will be even more important than it has ever been (Bram Jansen). Lastly, we will hear Arni Janssen and Marjolein Derks discuss why considering the environment when expanding on agriculture is important for not only the ecosystem but also production.

Utrecht – Tuesday May 15th @ Louis Hartlooper

This event will cover everything from Our Bodies to Galaxies and Beyond! Again, we will have 4 speakers, including Prof. Christiane de Morais who will speak about how art informs the progress of physics, and how concepts from completely different fields can be applied to quantum mechanics. Prof. Marta Grootenhuis will tell us about what we can do to offset the psychological damage a cancer diagnosis can do to children. Prof. Alenandre Bonvin will be letting us play with a virtual reality device he uses to understand some of the fundamentals of life, and Dr. Carl Shneider will speak about the storms in space that threaten everything our modern society is built on.

Amsterdam – Monday May 14th and Tuesday May 15th

Monday May 14th @ de Jonge Admiraal

This event is scheduled to have 6 speakers, and the theme of the evening is “Hacking the Body, Mind and Society”. We will hear how gene editing may treat disease and optimise our children (Santiago Gisler), and how eating poop (!) can balance your gut and heal your heart (Guido de Bakker). Erik Arnoutsen will explore how easy it is to control computers using brain implants, while James Elsey will get into the thorny topic of whether it is possible to erase memories in order to treat psychological trauma. We will hear from Annelies Vredeveldt whether our memories are at all reliable, and what we can do to improve eye witness testimonies. Finally, Esther Weltevreden will look at how social media and fake news bias our decisions and shape our society.

Tuesday May 15th @ Café Checkpoint Charlie

Our second Amsterdam event will be more physics focused, looking at everything From Particles to Galaxies. We will have 6 scientists talking about the smallest and the largest things in our universe and everything in between. Stan Bentsvelden will tell us about about the discovery of the Higgs Boson and why it is important. Erik van Heumen will explore weird types of matter that are completely foreign to us, but unite the smallest and biggest structures in the universe. Christian Majnez will speak about how the quantum revolution will change everything we know about computers, and Marcel Vonk will try to convince us that black holes hide in our midst.

Each event will be fantastic so come join us for one (or two :D ) for a pint and some awesome science!

Met vriendelijke groet,

Pint of Science Netherlands Team

#pint18 #PoS18 #PoSNL18

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