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What's up Groningen!?

In 2019, the Pint of Science team in Groningen hosted nine events with 18 speakers and more than 260 audience members across four bars.

In 2021, the Groningen team organised an online event in conjunction with the Green Office Groningen for #pint21online

However, in 2022, unfortunately, there were no events for #pint22 :(

As with any volunteer organisations, there are ebbs and flows of participants helping out with organising events.

So does this mean that there were no science communication events in Groningen over the past couple of years? Not at all!

The city has a vibrant community of researchers, thanks in part to the University of Groningen and Hanzehogeschool. Just because there were no Pint of Science events, it does not mean that there are other organisations working to disseminate science to the broader public.

Studium Generale Groningen organises a variety of events throughout the year in the fields of science, culture and society. If you are keen to attend their upcoming Groninger Wetenschapsquiz 2022 event (in Dutch), you should check out their website and buy your ticket before it gets sold out! You might even be able to meet Prof. dr. Ben Feringa ;)

For Pint of Science, a majority of our volunteers tend to be PhD researchers. So how have they been keeping busy the last few years for science communication? A group of PhDs have been working diligently to promote science communication and public outreach via the platform MindMint. If you are a PhD researcher in Groningen, make sure to check them out to learn tips and tricks on how to better communicate your research to the broader public!

Of course, there are other organisations and research groups that also engage with science communication (e.g. Science LinX, Speech Lab Groningen, etc.). We hope we have given you a taste of the science outreach activities ongoing in Groningen.

We hope for #pint23 to organise events in Groningen so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for future events in the north!

Er gaat niets boven Groningen :)

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