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10th May

Team Amsterdam presents - Love in Times of COVID19 with guest speaker: Giulia Zoppolat

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched many aspects of people’s lives around the world, including their romantic relationships. How have people been handling their love lives during this time? Have we seen a baby boom or baby bust? And how have the singles been holding up in this changing dating landscape? In this talk, you will learn about the latest international scientific research about love during the pandemic.

- I am involved in an international research team that has examined love during COVID19 around the world (we have data from 52 countries!) since almost the beginning in March 2020.
- A fun fact is that people seemed to have been quite distressed at the beginning of the pandemic but gradually recovered over time.
- Another cool thing is how dating has changed: it has become a slower process, with people first testing video-dates before jumping to in person (saving lot of time and money on dates that would have not gone anywhere!).

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