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18th May

Team Leiden presents - Videogames and Bioengineering with guest speakers: Jon Baldwin Quintanilla and Diego López Barreiro

We have two diverse speakers sharing their research tonight!

First Talk
Videogames have been gaining academic attention in the last years. War videogames support and reproduce neo-imperialist rhetoric and world views. Due to their interactive nature, videogames differ from any other cultural product and allow the consumer (player) to actively participate in the embedded narratives present in any game. Throughout my talk I will attempt to illustrate the relevance of videogames as a subject study in sociology and political science with a strong emphasis on war videogames.

Second Talk
Researchers pay lots of attention to natural biopolymers, including silk, collagen, or chitin, as sources of materials with applications such as renewable energy, infrastructure, agriculture, or biomedicine. This is due to their abundance, sustainability, easy processability, biocompatibility, and controllable mechanical properties, to name a few. In this talk, we will cover how developments in bioprocess engineering, molecular biology, computation and materials characterization allow us to understand natural biopolymers at the smallest scale, and use that information to develop new materials.

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