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19th May

Team Utrecht presents - Can Medical Science Do Without Animal Experiments? with guest speakers: Laurens Witter, Alasdair Irvine, Cyrille Krul and Daniela Salvatori

For tonight's event, we have four illuminating speakers who will share their research on whether animals are still needed for medical science experiments

Dr. Laurens Witter

Laurens studies early brain damage in young children. He combines research with human patients and research with laboratory mice. To him, animal use for medical research is crucial for understanding what happens in the brain and what type of therapies could help children and prevent the devastating long-term effects of the damage.

Alasdair Irvine MSc

Alasdair identifies high potential advanced in vitro models and evaluates ethical and economic arguments for applying them instead of animals. He seeks to make sure that innovators understand the key challenges to overcome barriers for using new technologies in medical research.

Dr. Cyrille Krul

Cyrille explains how the transition to animal-free science is stimulated in the Netherlands and especially in Utrecht. She will show where opportunities and obstacles lie, and how these obstacles can be removed.

Prof. Daniela Salvatori

Daniela explains how the Utrecht Transition to Animal-free Innovations group works, their core values being welfare and health, quality of research and education, sustainability of the planet and the living beings on it, and mutual trust of and in all involved in the transition.

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