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Rotterdam Team

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Brigitta Laksono

Co-City Coodrinator

An Indonesian virologist from Erasmus MC. I study how respiratory viruses cause diseases. When I am not busy trying to figure out what my viruses are doing, I turn into a mixed-media artist and a traditional Indonesian dancer. I believe that mixing science, art and beer is the most fun way to communicate science to everyone.

Kirby Lattwein

Co-City Coodrinator

A postdoctoral researcher developing a new therapy for infections using ultrasound and (micro)bubbles at Erasmus Medical Center. I am fascinated by science and believe it should be shared in a way that all can understand. What better atmosphere to do this than with bubbles from beers! 

Irina Chestakova

Research Technician at the Public Health Virology group. Monitoring the presence and spread of arthropod-borne viruses within birds and other mammal species throughout the Netherlands. Another Erasmus MC’er, who wants to combine knowledge with evening activities. Double fun!

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Cyrille El Nammour


Graduated with a Bachelor's in Biology at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, Lebanon. Currently, she is a first-year Infection & Immunity master's student. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing poetry, and trying out new cuisines. She believes that science should be made accessible to everyone, one pint at a time!"

Hang Le


As a research master's student with a Vietnamese and German background, she is currently working in the field of immunotherapy. When she's not busy in the lab, she enjoys exploring the vibrant cafes of Rotterdam, cooking , and volunteering in various NGOs. As a science communication enthusiast, she firmly believes that science should be approachable to everyone, and what better way to do that than over a pint of beer?

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