Rotterdam Team

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Rachel Cahalane

City Coordinator

An Irish biomedical engineer, now working as a postdoctoral researcher at Erasmus Medical Centre. Currently, I work on cardiovascular imaging and biomechanics. I am equally passionate about science, chatting and socialising with a beer – so Pint of Science is the perfect fit for me!

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Brigitta Laksono


An Indonesian virologist from Erasmus MC. I study how respiratory viruses cause diseases. When I am not busy trying to figure out what my viruses are doing, I turn into a mixed-media artist and a traditional Indonesian dancer. I believe that mixing science, art and beer is the most fun way to communicate science to everyone.

Kirby Lattwein

A postdoctoral researcher developing a new therapy for infections using ultrasound and (micro)bubbles at Erasmus Medical Center. I am fascinated by science and believe it should be shared in a way that all can understand. What better atmosphere to do this than with bubbles from beers!