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Special Event - A vaccine against climate apathy
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Thursday 10th Oct 2019
Deuren Open 19:30 | Event 20:00 - 23:00
Friesestraatweg 201/2a, 9743 AC Groningen

Can the problem of Climate Change be perceived in a more positive way? Two scientists and a visual storyteller will try to convince you that YES, we can still turn the tide, and YES, individual contributions do matter!

Pint of Science will, in collaboration with the Young Academy Groningen and the Green Office of the University Groningen, host a jovial night for the Sustainability Week with three fantastic speakers offering you some first aid for climate-despair


Let's Join Forces!

Many of us are discouraged to fight climate change because as an individual you cannot make a difference. Rather than preventing us from taking action, we should turn this thought on its head: exactly because individual contributions are small we should approach others and encourage them to help us save the planet. I argue that we have a duty to join forces: to mobilize others and prevent further harm together.

Frank Hindriks

Professor in Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy | Director 

University of Groningen | Centre for Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)


Challenging collective climate-apathy

It can sometimes seem like as a society, Dutch people do not care enough about climate change and its consequences. But is this true, and how do we know?


I will talk about why what we think that others think is important for our own actions, and what we can do to change these views.

Anne-Marthe van der Bles
Postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

University of Groningen

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First aid for climate-despair

Let's be honest: thinking about climate change can be disheartening. The more you learn about it, the more worried you get. And all those solutions only seem to make matters worse: there are no easy fixes. How to keep the faith, when it seems that people are doing not enough, including yourself? Blending illuminating insights from psychology with standup comedy, Anabella Meijer offers a new, positive - and perhaps even realistic - vision of how to inspire others and spark change.

Anabella Meijer
Visual consultant & author

"Eerste hulp bij klimaatverandering"

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