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Transition to animal-free science
Thursday 23rd Apr 2020
Doors Open 18:30 | Event 19:00 - 21:30
Mick O'Connells
Jansdam 3, 3512 HA Utrecht

Can medical science manage without animal testing?


Animal testing required


Louk will talk about the importance of animal studies for brain research. He will explain why animal studies will still be necessary in the coming decades to investigate complex biological systems, such as the brain. In the human and animal body, the brain works closely together with other systems. This interaction can only be studied in a living organism.

Louk Vanderschuren

Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience

Utrecht University


Animal-free experiments


Katja argues that the necessity of animal experiments is overestimated, while alternatives should deserve much more attention. The PhD student conducted extensive research in the existing scientific literature into differences in the functioning of human and animal kidneys. She is currently working on the development of human kidney tubes in the lab in which substances can be tested that were previously tested on laboratory animals.

Katja Jansen

PhD Candidate in Pharmacology

Utrecht University


Towards animal-free science


Cyrille explains how the transition to animal-free science is stimulated in the Netherlands and especially in Utrecht. We will show where opportunities and obstacles lie, and how these obstacles can be removed.

Cyrille Krul

Lecturer in Innovative Testing in Life Science and Chemistry

University of Applied Sciences - Utrecht

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