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Humans on a Chip

Future of Drug Discovery

Wed 31st 
July 2019
Doors Open 18:30 | 
Event 19:00 - 22:00
Koetshuis de Burcht
Burgsteeg 13 2312 JR 
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Drug discovery process: current state, challenges and future solutions 

Whenever you turn to a popular science site, you cannot seem to escape from sensational headlines sounding like - “Alzheimer’s disease CURED BY NOVEL THERAPY” or “New anti-cancer drugs put cancers to sleep”. Even though we hear about these headlines for years, people are still suffering and dying from Cancer. Drug discovery is a lengthy and complex process divided into multiple phases.


Enormous costs are associated with clinical trials and we are not even close to curing Alzheimer’s disease. This is because drug development and discovery process has a high degree of uncertainty. There is no guarantee that any given drug will succeed in passing all the clinical stages. Therefore, there is a need for more reliable tools in early days of discovering a new medicine. One that will faithfully recapitulate the physiology of the diseases.


Claudia Beaurivage

PhD Candidate / Associate Scientist

Galapagos B.V.

Elena Naumovska

PhD Candidate / Scientist


Organ on a chip technology - a step towards personalized medicine

Every human is fundamentally unique. The way we respond to drugs is no different; our genes will shape the way we respond to a medication. Imagine a future where the doctor could prescribe you, from the very beginning, the medicine that suits you best, avoiding long trial-error cycles and the associated side effects.


The Organ-on-a-chip field is an emerging technology that holds great promise, for not only accelerating the drug development process but also potentially reducing the number of animals in research. It also has the possibility for opening the way to personalized medicine. So come and learn about how Organs-on-Chips might be the next big breakthrough in medicine.


Kinga Kosim

PhD Candidate / Research Fellow


Sindhu Naik

PhD Candidate / Research Fellow

Galapagos B.V.

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