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Living a sustainable lifestyle
Tuesday 10th May 2022
Doors Open 18:30 | Event 19:00 - 22:30
Mick O'Connells
Jansdam 3, 3512 HA Utrecht

Who’s to blame for the plastic soup?

The plastic polluting our ocean is very troublesome. Plastic has now been found from the deepest ocean trenches to the Arctic sea ice. But who's plastic is it that is now littering our once-pristine ocean? How could we prove liability, and what kind of evidence would we need for that? In this talk, Erik van Sebille will show how we combine computer simulations of virtual particles with advanced statistics and techniques from archeology to determine the most likely sources of the plastic ending up on remote islands like the Galapagos and Svalbard. With the goal to play the 'blame game' in court.

Erik van Sebille

Professor in Oceanography and Public Engagement

Utrecht University


Choosing green

Every day we make choices regarding the products or services we use: I can take the bus or a car, buy first or second hand clothes, buy drinks in a plastic or glass bottle, reuse a cup or buy a new one. All those choices affect our environmental footprint, but how can I know which choice will lower or increase it? In this talk, Blanca Corona will explain how Life Cycle Assessment can help us answer these questions. She will focus on the case of packaging and under which conditions reusable packaging can help us reduce our environmental impacts.

Blanca Corona Bellostas

Assistant Professor

Utrecht University

Wosten Utrecht.jpg

The world is molding

Han Wösten researches growth and development processes in fungi. Wösten is, among other things, working on the research project Mycelium Design, in which he allows fungal threads to grow into new materials. He sees fungi as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to plastics, wood and rubber. His work inspires artists and designers, who turn his fungus material into clothing, building materials, and furniture. 

Han Wösten

Assistant Professor

Utrecht University

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