Utrecht Team

Margarida Viola

City Coordinator

PhD student at UMC Utrecht, investigates how communication between cells can help us treat a heart attack. Enthusiastic about science and curious about the mysteries of life. Loves to explore cafes around the world searching for the best craft beer. Why not do it while talking about science?  

Raquel Ledo

Communication Officer

Biotechnologist, pianist in my free time and passionate about photography. Mentally curious and restless, always to the rhythm of a good blues. Lover of nature and any activity surrounded by it. The disclosure is the mouth of science, let it talk!

Joaquin Montilla Rojo


PhD student at Utrecht University studying malignancy of pluripotent stem cells and trying to help transition into animal-free research. Enthusiastic about movies, basketball, always accompanied by my headphones and very passionate about science communication. Let’s keep on feeding our curiosity all together

Alexandros Skourtis-Cabrera


Curious about too many subjects, from biology to economics to culture and music, and occasionally participate in some of them. Always interested in discovering new places, even more if a cold beer is involved!

Francesca Cavallini


I recently started a PhD at VU Amsterdam, but Utrecht and its cafes have my heart! It's not hard to find me in one of them if good music or good beer are there. Capoerista, mountain lover and pastry chef-to-be (maybe, one day...), for now I entertain myself with applying math to neuroscience problems. I love how math penetrates the most diverse areas in science and I am always willing to learn from there. Looking forward to meet you at PoS!