Utrecht Team

Jorge Touris

City Coordinator

PhD student in Utrecht University mainly focused on Protein-Protein Interactions. Born in Bilbao but a worldwide citizen. Love what I do, and of course a good pint of beer! Pubs and Science, are you going to miss it?

Monica Vidal


Master student in Environmental Biology, with a passion for nature conservation. Love making science fun and accessible to everyone who wants to learn, and empower new (and old) generations with confidence for the future. From Lisbon, Portugal to the Netherlands, beer in hand!

Carl Shneider

Event Manager

Postdoc in Space Weather at the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica.
Fascinated by our Cosmic environment. Love to participate in Public Science outreach! 
From the Big Apple

Alba Lorente


Atmospheric scientist looking to air pollution from space. Back on the ground, I craft beer with friends and love to taste new flavours. I never miss a chance of a having a beer, so let’s share it with some interesting science stories!

Raquel Ledo

Communication Officer

Biotechnologist, pianist in my free time and passionate about photography. Mentally curious and restless, always to the rhythm of a good blues. Lover of nature and any activity surrounded by it. The disclosure is the mouth of science, let it talk!

Victoria Pascal Andreu


Computational biologist doing a PhD in Wageningen University. I study the human microbiome from a genomic perspective to elucidate new and relevant molecules they produce. We need to communicate more and better scientific research, let’s get inspired with a beer then!

Jeroen van der Berg


Post-doc at the Hubrecht Institute, where I use the single-cell based sequencing technologies to study the interplay between transcription and DNA replication. Besides work, I like to spend my time in bars with drinks and friends. Combining both science and bars is in my opinion a stroke of genius and the reason why I help organize Pint of Science!

Pily and Jorge


Jorge is a postdoc in the Westerdijk Institute using bioinformatics to study fungal secondary metabolites while Pily is enjoying a break from teaching; both from Mexico. We love the idea of bringing scientists and the general public together to share ideas. Also, amazing science goes well with a nice glass of beer, salud!

Marcelle Cole


Assistant Professor in Historical Linguistics. Working on how and why language changes over the course of time. Originally from London