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Utrecht Team

Raquel Ledo

City Coordinator

Biotechnologist, pianist in my free time and passionate about photography. Mentally curious and restless, always to the rhythm of a good blues. Lover of nature and any activity surrounded by it. The disclosure is the mouth of science, let it talk!

Shu-Hua Hsu

Event Manager

Biology lover but I can’t stand seeing blood, which turned me into a plant enthusiast. Now I’m a plant scientist working on how plants communicate with their surrounding environment, such as bacteria in the soil around the roots. I believe the main responsibility of science is to serve our society in the challenges it faces. The conversation between scientists and the general public will help scientists do better and more targeted science. Come have a drink with us and exchange ideas!

Joaquin Montilla Rojo

Event Manager

PhD student at Utrecht University studying malignancy of pluripotent stem cells and trying to help transition into animal-free research. Enthusiastic about movies, basketball, always accompanied by my headphones and very passionate about science communication. Let’s keep on feeding our curiosity all together

Sergio Picella

Event Manager

PhD student in Soft Robotic Matter at AMOLF, enthusiastic about science communication and daydreaming crossovers in science! Still deciding whether it's better to have a screwdriver or a pen in hand.. in the meantime: let’s talk science!

Beatriz Novoa

Communication Officer

For three years I was part of Pint of Science Ireland. Now, I’m back with PoS NL Utrecht team! I am really enthusiastic about science communication and to share science with everyone. I love outdoors activities, reading and gardening. Now in my free time, I’m trying to learn Dutch. Cannot wait to help in PoS 23. Ik hoop jullie snel te zien!!

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