Adapting to changing climate and world
Tuesday 21st May 2019
Doors Open 18:30 | Event 19:00 - 22:30
Café Loburg
Molenstraat 6, 6701 DM Wageningen

What is the next step for Homo Sapiens in the changing climate?

Climate change has always been ongoing business for the Homo Sapiens. He was very resilient and survived much stronger climate change than we currently experience. However, the resilience of Sapiens changed along the way from strong to weak. What happened?  What are the consequences for the future of Sapiens in the current and expected climate change? How should he deal with the situation?

Currently I advise the Wageningen University and Research on strategic climate adaptation projects with the national government.

Bram Bregman


Radboud University

Diego Marcos Gonzalez

Post-doctoral researcher

Wageningen University

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Predicting the beauty of landscapes by looking at its attributes

My research has now shifted towards making Deep Learning models more interpretable. The application we are looking at is the use of photos to predict how an urban area would be perceived by its citizens and visitors. But we don't want a black box that gives us a score about perceived safety or beauty, we want to know why.