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Wageningen Team

Alba Lorente

City Coordinator

Atmospheric scientist looking to air pollution from space. Back on the ground, I craft beer with friends and love to taste new flavours. I never miss a chance of a having a beer, so let’s share it with some interesting science stories!

Simon Besnard


Data analyst and modeler understanding ecosystem's dynamics and the carbon cycle. When not playing with remote sensing/climate data and programming, I enjoy spending quality time with friends or colleagues talking about literally anything including Science. I have to admit that my best scientific ideas have emerged from discussion around a beer (most of the time more than one though)!

Victoria Pascal Andreu

Event Manager

Computational biologist doing a PhD in Wageningen University. I study the human microbiome from a genomic perspective to elucidate new and relevant molecules they produce. We need to communicate more and better scientific research, let’s get inspired with a beer then!

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Francesca Bellinazzo


Biologist, PhD student at Wageningen University, always sharing and learning science. I study tulips and how they can ‘decide’ when it’s time to make their beautiful flowers. Previously working in a beer lab in Belgium, I developed a big curiosity about this diverse and aromatic world! Enjoy these social events – enthusiastic about bringing scientific adventures to life and share them with everyone.

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Vittorio Tracanna


Biotechnology student converted to bioinformatics. Currently doing a PhD studying the beneficial effects of microbes on wheat plants health.
In a way, my research will help keeping wheat plants happy so that we can still enjoy a witbier for years to come!

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