Central Team

Taichi Ochi


Switching over to the private sector hasn’t deterred my love for science and promoting it to the public. Previously conducting research in cardiovascular genetics, always happy to chat about latest drug developments, over a biertje of course!

Jeanette Mostert


Cognitive neuroscientist, fascinated by the brain. Big love for science communication and education. Always interested in hearing about people’s research and then telling other people about it. Motivated to make everyone – irrespective of age, education or culture – enthusiastic about science. 

Marijn Kroes


Assistant Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at Radboud University Nijmegen. I study how we can change specific emotional memories in our brains. Convinced the best science is done on the back of a beer coaster, so let’s cheers and chat science!

Liam Faller


Researcher at the NKI, and I’m pretty obsessed with science. When I’m not boring a member of my family with some scientific concept that I find fascinating, I’m usually in the pub doing the same to my friends over a pint!

Victoria Pascal Andreu

Partnership Development

Computational biologist doing a PhD in Wageningen University. I study the human microbiome from a genomic perspective to elucidate new and relevant molecules they produce. We need to communicate more and better scientific research, let’s get inspired with a beer then!